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  • Wilton... a GREAT new town or NO town at all

    18 Apr 2018 - 30 Apr 2019

    "It's not every day that you get to plan and build a new town from scratch. We have a unique opportunity to create a GREAT new town that will benefit the whole of Wollondilly. If we don't get this right our future generations will have to deal with the consequences. Let's make sure Wilton New Town is something our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can be proud of!"

    - Judith Hannan, Mayor, Wollondilly Shire Council


    The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has recently announced the rezoning of the Wilton South East Precinct. This is the first stage of the Wilton New Town planning proposal which could eventually see over 50,000 people calling Wilton home. This is equivalent to a town the size of Port Macquarie.

    The rezoning of the South East Precinct by the Department is premature given that details on the delivery of critical infrastructure such as health care, public transport and schools remain unclear. In addition, the Department has not yet demonstrated how adequate local employment opportunities for future residents will be secured or how our koala habitat will be protected.

    Council is calling for the NSW Government to halt any further decision on the Wilton New Town until there is a commitment to the following 5 points:

    • Public transport services, including a train station and electrified rail services
    • Creating one permanent, ongoing local job for each dwelling
    • An integrated health care precinct for a future hospital
    • Protection of our unique, disease-free koala community through corridor preservation
    • Finalisation of a Special Infrastructure Contributions scheme signed off by the State Government which outlines how all these issues will be addressed

    Council wants a firm commitment from the NSW Government to address these issues before there is any further progression with Wilton New Town.


    What has Council been doing?

    Council is frustrated by the lack of progress in planning for critical infrastructure to service Wilton New Town. As a result we have been advocating on behalf of our community about the need for better planning to create a great new town at Wilton, that is healthy, vibrant and sustainable. 

    Part of this advocacy process involved the launch of the "Wilton... a GREAT new town or No town at all" campaign. In particular the advocacy document clearly outlines Council's position, which is that we will not support Wilton New Town until the Government clearly commits to a coordinated approach to deliver public transport, jobs, housing for all, health and wellbeing, education and a town that is a destination for entertainment, cultural activities, shopping, sporting activities and other recreational activities.


    How can you be involved?


    Sign Our Petition

    As part of the Wilton… “a GREAT new town or No town at all” campaign, Councillors have drafted a petition to protect our vital koala habitat for the only disease-free koala colony in NSW.

    Please download the petition and sign it, along with your family and friends, and return it to Council's Administration Building (62-64 Menangle Street, Picton) or via Reply Paid post:

    Wollondilly Shire Council
    Reply Paid 21
    Picton  NSW  2571


    Have Your Say

    We need your help to demand the Government make Wilton a GREAT new town. Please tell us what a great new town at Wilton looks like to you by sending us an email or leaving a comment below. 


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